Two IDF Soldiers Killed During Operations in the Gaza Strip

Via IDF Spokesperson:

Givati Brigade and Armored Corps forces in conjunction with the IAF have been operating since Friday night in the northern Gaza Strip where rockets have been fired into Israel. During the operations, 20 year old St. Sgt. Doron Asulin from Beersheba and 20 year old St. Sgt. Eran Dan-Gur from Jerusalem were killed. Both were combat soldiers of the Givati Brigade. An IDF officer was moderately wounded during the operation and six soldiers were lightly injured. The injured soldiers were evacuated by helicopter to the Soroka Hospital in Beersheba for medical treatment.

Since the beginning of last night’s operations, forces have identified nine Grad missile launchings, four which are confirmed as having landed in Israel, near Ashkelon. In addition to this 30 Qassam rockets were fired, 13 of which fell in Israel, and 11 mortar shells were fired, three which fell in Israel.

25 terror operatives were killed during the operations. This evening, the IAF struck a truck transporting terrorists and 160 rockets intended to be launched at Israel. This afternoon, IDF forces attacked a number of terror operatives approaching the forces. In addition, the IDF attacked operatives armed with anti-tank missiles in proximity to the forces. The forces confirmed direct hits in both incidents.

This morning, IDF forces attacked two armed terror cells. The forces also attacked a number of long range rocket launchers. The IAF also targeted two weapons manufacturing facilities that were to be used by terror organizations in the central and northern Gaza Strip.

Following the Grad missile barrage into Ashkelon, the Homefront Command began to set off warning sirens throughout the city. The warning sirens will also be put into use in neighboring towns.


IDF forces attacked a vehicle loaded with weapons and Qassam rockets driven by terror operatives in the northern Gaza Strip. The operatives were involved in firing Qassam rockets into Israel Saturday.

Earlier in the evening, IDF forces targeted armed Hamas operatives in the northern Gaza Strip. The forces hit a Qassam rocket launching cell in the northern Strip, following rocket launchings into Israel.

Saturday morning, IDF forces attacked a Qassam rocket launching cell in the northern Gaza Strip and attacked a number of armed operatives.

Saturday night, the IDF attacked a number of Hamas sites amongst them Hamas headquarters and sites used for the production and distribution of weapons intended to be used by terror operatives against Israel.

During operations last night in Nablus, the Nachal brigade patrol battalion identified a number of armed terror operatives in the Balata refugee camp. The forces fired at the operatives killing one and injuring five others. The forces found a handgun, ammunition clips and an M-16 rifle on the operatives’ persons. The injured operatives received medical treatment by the forces on location and were later evacuated to an Israeli hospital for further treatment.

During last night’s operations, troops identified a terrorist cell in an area in the northern Gaza Strip from which Qassam rockets have been fired into Israel. The forces attacked the cell and confirmed a hit.

Earlier this week, a student was killed when a Qassam rocket hit Sapir College in Sderot. One other civilian was lightly inured in the attack and six others treated for shock.

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