‘Twin Brothers’: European Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism

An excerpt from ‘Twin Brothers’: European Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism“:

The new anti-Semitism revives stereotypes of traditional anti-Semitism and has a specific element that decades-old hostility to Israel is directed against the existence of an entire country in its capacity as a “collective Jew.” It is mainly, among other things, a consequence of anti-Americanism.

In Europe, unlike in the period before World War II – and in contrast to the situation in the countries of the Soviet bloc following that war – contemporary anti-Semitism is completely society and not state driven. Much of it is Israel driven. The left’s anti-Semitism, rather than the right’s conventional version of this hatred, comprises the key ingredient of anti-Semitism’s current European existence.

Currently the relationship to the Jewish minority in Europe is being discussed anew. Especially in the countries of Eastern Europe, new axes and levels of discussion are forming in which Stalinism plays a greater role.

Nazifying Israel has three objectives. The delegitimation of Israel by associating it with the symbol of evil par excellence. Furthermore, one can attack and humiliate the Jewish people by equating it with the perpetrators of the brutal genocide that nearly succeeded in exterminating the Jews completely. Finally, it frees Europeans of any remorse or shame for their history of a lethal anti-Semitism that lasted centuries.

This last reason is an example of the process of “cumulative heroization” which reflects the natural tendency to associate positive elements and block out negative ones in our loved ones and is a topic that I hope to be writing about at a later date.

In the meantime, read the entire article from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, here.

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