The true sons of monkeys and pigs

In a videotape circulated by Hamas this week, archterrorist Mohammed Deif vowed that Israel’s departure from Gaza would mean more of the same.

”Today you leave Gaza in humiliation,” he taunted the Israelis. ”You are leaving hell. We promise that tomorrow, with Allah’s help, all of Palestine will be hell for you.” For the umpteenth time, an Israeli government spokesman urged the Palestinian Authority to disarm and dismantle Hamas, as required by the international ”road map” it has agreed to.

And for the umpteenth time the Palestinian Authority made clear its intention to do no such thing. In Damascus, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei personally assured the the heads of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that the PA would not disarm or interfere with them.

”There will be no calm until the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” Qurei told reporters.

The murder of Jews continues.

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