A Tribal and Dysfunctional Culture

European heads of state artificially created every Arab nation. Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and all other Arab countries were invented by European colonialists.

Why is that important to know?

It’s important because Americans and others need to learn that America and Israel are facing the greatest evil ever to be dispatched on this earth and we all need to be reminded that the whole concept of nationhood is foreign to Arab Muslim culture. In the Arab world, it is the tribe that counts.

Which leads us to this point: there is no genuine difference between Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” and all other Arabs.

There has never been a separate or independent “Palestine” state or “Palestinian” people.

The myth of a Palestinian homeland that has been perpetuated from the bowels of the PA and the PLO is exactly that – a myth.

If there was a “Palestine” at any time in history, we challenge anyone to tell us who were its leaders. What was its currency? Which nations had diplomatic relations with it? What was the language? What were the borders?

To be continued…

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