Transcript: – Hamill Recounts ‘Horrific’ Ambush

Folks, here’s a partial transcript of the very first interview with former hostage Thomas Hamill who has just returned on U.S. soil. The interview was a phone interview, conducted by Rita Cosby, of Fox News. Hamill’s experience was horrific and his escape courageous. His resilience and belief in God is what protected him. Especially noteworthy is Hamill’s comments about the TV crew that appeared out of nowhere. An excerpt:

HAMILL: Those captors. They didn’t speak much English and they didn’t say too much to me. They just pulled up where this TV crew was and I was so angry and so mad that they were there, this close after this attack. I just felt that they knew somehow that this was going to happen, and that’s why they were there, that close and that quick. And I was just quick and to the point and short, and just ready to get away from them.

Well, folks, typical of our friends, the media. Just stand there and film an American just taken hostage. How vile.

Anyway, click here to read the rest of this important interview: Transcript: – Hamill Recounts ‘Horrific’ Ambush

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