Our thoughts and prayers are with our valiant brothers and sisters in Israel. We all need to redouble our intensity and concentration in prayer, tehillim, acts of chesed. Guard of Israel, protect Your People Israel and let not Your People Israel be lost, Your People Israel who twice daily recite Shema Yisroel. Guard of Your One Nation, protect Your One Nation and let not Your One Nation be lost, Your One Nation who twice daily recite HaShem Elokeinu HaShem Echad! Guard of The Holy Nation, protect Your Holy Nation and let not Your Holy Nation be lost, Your Holy Nation who three times say “Kadosh!” to He Who is Kadosh! This is our prayer. Let not that unique and eternal relationship with the Kadosh Baruch Hu ever be severed. May we be zoche soon to see with our own eyes the yeshua b’vias goel, moshiach tzidkeinu, bimhera b’yomeinu. Now more than ever, may we redouble our efforts to pray with kavono (from the heart), to perform acts of chesed and ma’asim tovim (acts of Loving- kindness and good deeds), say tehillim (psalms), give tzedoko (charity to the poor and especially the poor of Eretz Yisroel who need our help so much), and always, always, always…learn His Holy Torah to Know to Teach and to DO His Holy Will!

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