Top Stories – Bombings at Istanbul Synagogues Kill 15

Bombings at Istanbul Synagogues Kill 15

In spite of Turkey being the first Muslim country to recognize Israel in 1948, simultaneous blasts — both homicide car bombings — rocked two of downtown Istanbul’s synagogues on Saturday, killing at least 15 people and wounding at least 140, the interior minister said.

The bombings occurred near the Neve Shalom (ironically, Hebrew for “oasis of peace”) synagogue, the city’s largest. The other severely damaged the Beth Israel Synagogue in the affluent district of Sisli, three miles away, reports said.

The explosions happened during Sabbath prayers that began at around 10 a.m. Most of the casualties in both explosions were believed to be residents in the area.

Of course, *we* pussyfoot around Muslims when it’s THEIR cult holiday, Ramadan, but you can count on Muslims – members of a culture that has not evolved in 1400+ years – to kill and maim Jews when it is a Jew praying in synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath.

That’s right folks, once again, we have been presented with the essential nature of Islam: violence and blood lust; hardly the religion of peace that Arab lovers, terrorist apologists and Jew haters try to force down our throats.

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