Tommy and Petey make boo-boo go ‘way

Aww, how sweet. Tom Brokaw and Peter “I still dream of Hanan Ashwari” Jennings are wiping away poor Dan Rather’s tears as they offer him support. Don’ cwy anymore, Danny. Tommy and Petey make boo-boo go ‘way.

Well, folks, what they can’t make go away is Dan Rather’s legacy of being on top of the world and having learned nothing; unfortunately for Dan, that’s permanent. I’ve posted the following article before but it’s time for it to resurface again:


My Meeting with Dan Rather by Elliot Mathias

My recent encounter with CBS News anchor Dan Rather and his producer made me realize that much of the anti-Israel coverage in the media — which treats Israel with a double-standard unparalleled anywhere else in the world — is attributable to factors other than anti-Semitism.

I met his CBS producer at a building in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter that overlooks the Temple Mount where she wished to film from. We proceeded up to the roof which afforded a masterful view of the centerpiece of the Old City. Sprawled out in front of us was the Temple Mount, the place where the two ancient Jewish Temples stood, and currently the shared location of the Western Wall and the Al-Asqa Mosque. Behind the Temple Mount is the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, with the rugged hills of the Judean Desert in the background.

This is the focal point of the entire Arab-Israeli conflict. In fact, Palestinians call the current conflict the “Al-Asqa Intifada.”

As we stood side-by-side taking in the extraordinary view, the producer turned to me and said in a sort of apologetic tone, “You’ll have to excuse my ignorance, but what exactly are we looking at?”

My stomach instantly dropped. Maybe she was unsure of a specific building?

“No, what is this entire area we are looking at?”

“The Temple Mount!!” I wanted to scream. “It’s the most important spot in the entire region!”

I controlled myself and began my first history lesson to a national news producer. I explained how the Jewish people built a Temple in this spot 3,000 years ago, and how, after its destruction, a second Temple was built in the exact same location.

I explained how Jesus visited this second Jewish Temple, which stood until the Romans ultimately destroyed it in the first century. I explained how the Muslims came to Jerusalem in the mid-seventh century, soon after the creation of their religion, building the Al-Asqa Mosque and the Golden Dome. I explained to her that the Western Wall is the remaining retaining wall of the second Jewish Temple.

As I went through these historic points, the producer was taking furious notes on her yellow writing pad, trying to record the details of this place so integral to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A few minutes later, Dan Rather arrived. He climbed the stairs to join us on the roof. As he reached the top stair, he looked out at the view that was spread before him. “Oh, I’ve been here before,” he said. Then, looking at his producer, he quietly asked, “What is this that we’re looking at?” My stomach plummeted again. Not Dan Rather, too?! The expert on world events who is watched by 30 million nightly viewers can’t identify the Temple Mount? I knew American viewers were in big trouble.

You can read the rest of the article here:

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