Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem

From the all-new One Jerusalem Blog:

VIDEO :: Labor Party Member of Kenesset Defends United Jerusalem: Speaking to the thousands who attended One Jerusalem’s Chanukah celebration in Jerusalem, Labor Party MK Yoram Marziano concluded his powerful remarks by declaring:”Jerusalem will remain united for ever and ever.” Listen to this brief and important speech by Marziano. He…(read more)

Jerusalem and more are State Department Priorites: This past week included the first post-Annapolis dust up between Israel and Condoleeza Rice over new Jewish construction in Jerusalem. With Israel standing its ground in support of continuing building on Har Homa. That the Secretary of State Rice thought it…(read more)

One Jerusalem Gives Crossection of Israelis A Platform: Yesterday, One Jerusalem hosted a non-partisan Chanukah celebration in Jerusalem that provided an opportunity for members of all political parties to speak out on behalf of a united Jerusalem. (While an article in Haaretz has an inaccurate headline about One Jerusalem…(read more)

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