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To El Salsero Gringo, thank you for your intelligent and authoritative support of Israel. I would have emailed you directly to say so but your forum’s registration process prevented me from doing so.

The unanswered questions continue to pile up regarding the tragedy at Qana. Of course, the deaths of civilians is tragic; we’ve had several thousands who we have mourned for in our country beginning with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, the Oklahoma City bombing, of course 9-11, and prior to that, Pearl Harbor. Nonetheless, some questions need to be answered before anyone can truthfully state that what happened in Qana was not the result of Nasrallah’s – the bloodthirsty leader of Hezbollah – willingness to kill his own people in order to frame world opinion against Israel.

Here is a description of Hezbollah from Global An excerpt:

Formed in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, this Lebanon-based radical Shia group takes its ideological inspiration from the Iranian revolution and the teachings of the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

For the posters at Ceroc Scotland forum and for others who are unaware, Israel invaded Lebanon the first time in 1982, because earlier in the mid-1970s, the PLO had broadened its presence in Lebanon, establishing military training centers while escalating artillery and cross-border attacks on innocent civilians in northern Israel. Following the attempted assassination of the Israeli ambassador in London, Israel attacked PLO targets in Lebanon on June 4, 1982. The PLO responded with rocket and artillery barrages, and Israel retaliated by sending ground troops into Lebanon, in a mission titled “Operation Peace for the Galilee.”

Related to this, the Japanese Red Army, a militaristic Japanese guerilla terrorist group, had unsurprisingly close ties to the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) which was part of the Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO), and both terrorist groups were responsible for the May 1972 Lod Airport Massacre which was a machine gun and grenade attack on Israel’s Lod Airport in Tel Aviv, (now Ben Gurion International Airport), which left 26 people dead,and about 80 others were injured. Escaped members of the JRA and PFLP fled to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, where they were kept hidden from Japanese and Israeli authorities, with the aid and assistance of Lebanese civilians, for years. These are each facts which led to Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

Back to the present: IDF photos and records indicate that the building in Qana was hit (either directly or by Hezbollah’s own launchers right next to the building, similar to what is seen here) between 12 and 1 AM. The building did not fall until 8AM – seven to eight hours after the bombs hit.

Why? Here were 56 women and children in a 3 story building. Most buildings in that area have two to four appartments per floor, except the ground floor which is usually a lobby and the maintainance caretaker’s apartment, and of course, parking allocations. Israel warned the innocents to leave days in advance. Why were so many women and children together in the one building? Why were women, children and elderly the only ones killed? Where were the men? Could Nasrallah have told his Hezbollah henchmen to gather the women and children to that building and then blow up the building eight hours later in order to make it look like it was Israel’s fault? It’s worth investigating.

Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese have perpetrated lies against Israel in the past: the Sabra and Shatilla “massacre” , Deir Yassin “massacre“, Jenin “massacre”, Mohammad al-Dura’s “murder”, and the Gaza beach “massacre”, are just a few.

Within a few hours of the building’s collapse, there was a large rally in Beirut against Israel and the US. The rally featured a 30+ foot long poster featuring a picture of Condi and the words “The massacre of children in Qana 2, is the gift of Rice. The clever bombs..Stupid”.

Wouldn’t making such a poster be an all-day affair? Wouldn’t such a large, high-quality poster need several hours of production before it would be ready and in place within hours of the Qana incident? Clearly, production would have had to start before the building fell down. Here’s this from PowerLineBlog.

Then there’s Mr. Green Helmet by EU Referendum, here and here. ( graphic pictures, folks ). Apparently the same two guys (one in a green helmet, one in a white T-shirt) manage to show up in almost every picture, holding dead children in different poses. At least one of the men was also on the scene in Qana 1996. I wonder if he is a member of the Screen Extras Guild. And here’s this from Yaakov:

According to this Lebanese blog (English Google translation), Hizballah took a bunch of handicapped children, put them in the bomb shelter of this building, and then placed a missile launcher on top of the building for Israel to target. Dead children = good PR for Hizballah and more support for their cause from the Lebanese people.

Even if you don’t buy this one has to wonder how it came to be that all of these children ended up hiding in the building next to the firing positions and storage containers of rocket launchers that make such obvious (and legitimate) targets for Israeli air strikes.

And to satisfy the most ardent conspiracy theorists out there, check out this post which brings up the possibility that dead bodies from Tyre were relocated to Qana in order to perform double-duty as the victims of Israeli aggression. Also see this post from Confederate Yankee – Caution: Graphic Photos – which has more speculation on the same subject)

So the question becomes, what would the United States do if rockets were raining into San Diego from across the border with Mexico? Well, as voiced on the Ceroc Scotland forum, America is the most hated country in the world after Israel, so the question no longer beckons a reasoned voice to ask what would the US do; Europeans don’t care about Americans any more than they care about the welfare of Israelis.

After 9-11, and after ignoring the bombing of the USS Cole and American Embassies in Africa under the detestable administration of President Clinton’s, the US courageously defended herself against her enemies and future attacks by going in and destroying the Taliban in Afghanistan, and then by going into Iraq to destroy the Ba’ath government responsible for funding terror and subsidizing Muslim terror training camps around the world who also paid off Palestinian families $25,000 for producing “martyrs” to kill innocent Jews in Israel.

My question is, why now do Europeans determine that all of the United State’s good works are irrelevant? How do you nullify all the lives we have made better, as if they aren’t worth ink on paper? Our country is an arena for many people to succeed where they otherwise would never have a chance, and Europeans refuse to acknowledge that. How about some intellectual honesty where you acknowledge our foundational goodness? And how about some humanity where you look at our mistakes as places where we need improvement, not excuses to denigrate us? What do you hope to accomplish by beating the US down, rather than propping us up? If we pay close attention to all the great things we have done, all the way down to the grassroots, and all that we share rather than hoard, the only logical conclusion is that there is a lot about the US that is good, and which deserves to be a fundamental part of the equation, especially in the face of such an obvious agenda to swing the pendulum in the direction of our enemies.

There is always room for improvement, but overall, yes, we are the good guys. And so are the Israelis.

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