Time To Go – Arik

The Government of Israel, is now conducting a chain of critical mistakes which will be painful and costly to undo in years to come. Few of those are:

· Allowing Arafat to freely manage terrorism, as well as to control Palestinian diplomacy. This is literally a disgrace. People die all the time directly as a result of this hoax. No serious progress with the Palestinians will ever be possible, as long as that man is there.

· The continuous Israeli embracing of the “Road Map” as the only valid diplomatic platform. Israel agreed to a package of concessions in the midst of a war. The other side, accepted Israel’s intentions to make these concessions, while not dropping even one of the cynical claims, and continuing using terror as a strategic tool. Kol Hakavod, Arik!

· The repeated references Sharon makes to “Bush’s Vision”, and the general style of working with the US Administration, shows lack of basic understanding and vision for U.S – Israel relations. Sharon is turning Israel into a puppet Government of the State Department. His adopting an “ALWAYS SAY YES ” strategy in his working with the US administration, will make the first “TIME TO SAY NO” – into a major crisis in US – Israel relations. It seems like Israel no longer tries to coordinate anything with the Administration, we simply say YES to anything they want.

· The building of the fence is a mistake. It is counter productive to the efforts to live with the Palestinians in Peace in the future. It damages severely the majority of the Jewish communities in Samaria because it is weakening Israel’s historic right to the land. It is a fence of hate, born in a war of terror, it is an ugly scar on the body, the hills, of our beautiful Israel.

No one will ever accept it’s path, and it will not even deliver the main purpose of it’s reasoning – Security. Israelis will continue to suffer Palestinian terror, but simply, other forms of it. Perhaps worse like Kassam Rockets in Samaria, which were already found last week.

· But worse of all, the explicit talk in the past 3-6 months of destroying Israeli villages and settlements, relocation and transfer of thousands of Israelis from their homes, in a unilateral pullout of whole regions. This is the worse form of decision-making, and the most illegitimate ideological platform that the Sharon and his Government has ever introduced to date.

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