Three years ago today

On this day in WND history, Matt Lauer lost his mind:

In an interview with second lady Lynne Cheney, the “Today Show’s” Matt Lauer equated the Islamic radicals in Fallujah terrorizing Iraq with George Washington’s Revolutionary War army.

When the vice president’s wife rebuffed Lauer for equating Washington’s troops with the radical Muslim terrorists then clarified his line of questioning, he came back: “I’m just saying, but the insurgents believe they’re fighting for a cause as well. They don’t believe any less than we believe.”

“Well, but Matt, you’re being awfully relativistic here, “Cheney answered. “I mean, the insurgents are killing Iraqis by the hundreds, Iraqis by the thousands. It’s not as though this is a matter between just ‘on the one hand on the other hand.’ We are on the side of freedom. I think that idea is so powerful and does give us wind at our back.”

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