Three palestinians Nabbed for Stealing Ossuary

From Three palestinians Nabbed for Stealing Ossuary:

Three palestinians were caught red-handed stealing a Second Temple ossuary with Jewish symbols on it from a Second Temple burial site in the Modi’in area, Israel’s Antiquities Authority announced Monday. The suspects did “irreparable damage” to the site, according to Amir Ganor, head of the Authority’s anti-theft division. In 2004 there were 314 reported cases of antiquities theft compared to less than 200 in 2003.

Folks, do you smell the Muslim stench of hypocrisy? You can’t mishandle the koran but Muslims can destroy all proof that there was ever a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.

Newsweek, you scabbed untalented wretches, why aren’t you writing about the innumerable Jewish artifacts unearthed and destroyed by the criminal Muslim Waqf, in their attempt to obliterate any evidence that Jews were the original “occupiers” of Jerusalem?

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