The threat of U.S. church divestment over Israel eases, but…

Folks, some U.S. Protestant churches are turning their back on the idea of dumping investments in Israel, people involved in the issue said on Thursday.

Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, along with a debate over whether divestment is the right move in the first place, may have helped cool what looked like a growing trend just a few months ago.

Folks, while I appreciate the fact that some Presbyterians are trying to rectify the biased actions of their brethren, I’m not interested in writing about the infighting of a denomination that does not represent the majority of American Christianity or their views toward Israel.

If at some point the Presbyterian denomination does indeed reverse its ill-advised divestment policies during the voting in November, I might possibly report it on my blog, but I won’t split hairs, folks.

I will not publicize an attempt by a Christian denomination to undue a decision made by its elders who had the gumption to arrogantly insert itself into the politics of Israel, a sovereign nation and a non-existent one, an entity calling itself “Palestine” .

Folks, I would hope that you are already aware of these facts. It is my wish that in the future, the Presbyterian church is as max-attentive to the plight of the poor Christian population being persecuted by Muslims in the Sudan, Egypt, and Bethlehem as it has been towards Israeli’s policies in defending herself against her sworn enemies.