Thousands attend funeral of slain family murdered by “palestinians”

Thousands attend funeral of slain family murdered by “palestinians”

“Palestinian” murderers killed an Israeli woman in her eighth month of pregnancy and her four daughters were killed this afternoon when two “palestinian” terrorists opened fire at Israeli cars traveling on the Kissufim-Gush Katif road in the Gaza Strip.

The “palestinian” murderous scum approached the vehicle and shot the mother and her children with “killing shots” at close range. The dead are Tali Hatuel, 34, and her daughters Hila (11), Hadar (9), Roni (7) and Merav (2).

Soldiers shot the “palestinian” terrorists dead.

Click here to see the blood and gore of the dead family inside the car they were driving.

The “palestinian” Hamas terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the terror attack.

“Palestinian” sources said, however, that the attack was a joint effort of Islamic Jihad and the Fatah’s Popular Resistance Committees, media sources reported.

Like hyenas competing over their kill, “palestinian” murderers can’t wait to take credit for the death of a Jew. Folks, another barbaric act committed by the unevolved.

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