This is my prayer

Let me wander in the shephelah, let me walk in the Negeb, where the only sustenance is provided by G-D.

Bring us back to the tents, to the flocks, I pray.

Bring us back to the canopy of the open skies where we might press our faces upon the platform that holds His footstool

And swear for all of our lives by His Holy Name that we accept His covenant…each day.

And at night, when the whisper of the wind has silenced, we’ll sit before our fires

As our animals rest and our children’s eyes begin to close with sleep. We will hold them, and know that Thou art holding all of us.

May we huddle together beneath the very stars that He showed His servant Avraham, thanking the Living G-D.

Thanking Thee for another day

And perhaps Thou willt grant us another day, to see Thy sunrise

To see each other

We will hold on to one another And cling to Thee

Swearing our lives and love to Thee.

h/t to yesha galluzzo

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