This blog is growing up

Folks, Smooth Stone is going to be celebrating its 3-year anniversary on July 13, 2006, and just in time, it’s growing up. All graphics have moved towards the bottom of the sidebar, and all the links have moved upwards. The BlogRoll has been edited. Dead links and unreciprocated links have been removed. Of course, I won’t lie, I want everyone who is anybody to link to me.

If you would like to be linked by Smooth Stone, please let me know and I will be glad to reciprocate.

I started Smooth Stone because I believe that Israel and Jews deserve a place in this world other than under the feet of angry and fascist Arabs and Muslims. I started Smooth Stone because my previous three years of effort to defend Israel on America Online’s Middle-East forums was overrun by both Jewish and non-Jewish insane posters. One day, I am going to list the screen names of some of the users at AOL who threatened the lives of Jews and Americans. The FBI was told; they did nothing with the information.

Maybe some of you will have better luck.

Be advised, if you haven’t already noticed, I sometimes use naughty words and talk about grown-up things. I realize that publishing something for public consumption under the name “anonymous” doesn’t suddenly make it private or to some of my more religious readers, “right” or “Jewish”. Nor does it guard me from criticism by the public that consumes what I write.

I note, however, that I don’t have to allow feedback on my blog, which serves as a prophylactic against the complete lack of compassion one can find when blogging on the net. I enjoy other J-sites where bloggers write about their families and children, but my focus is on Israel and her legitimacy.

Israel does not have the right to defend herself but rather the OBLIGATION to defend herself. As a proud Jew who loves and believes in HaShem, I am also obligated to defend Israel.

May HaShem find me worthy to merit His Blessings for my efforts.

Am Yisrael Chai. Ma fish falastin.

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