Thinking Out Loud

If some Arabs want to call themselves “Palestinians” that is their right. But Israel is under no obligation to recognize that contrived entity, or to find them a place to live.

Terror is not something one learns to live with. It is something which the Israel and the US governments are obligated to completely destroy. No normal government should sit down and negotiate with murderers.

That is why it was a big joke that President Bush “celebrated” the start of the Muslim holy month with Muslim leaders in the White House back in 2003, which we referred to as “The Great Appeasement“. When you appease bullies it only makes them bolder. So while Bush reaches out to the Muslim community, let’s hope that the Muslim community reaches back without blowing us up.

We must understand that Israel and the US are at war with those whose only goal is to destroy us.

The disease called Muslim terrorism is mutating. The participation of women in Palestinian terrorism is increasing. Israeli security forces are aware of as many as twenty cases in which women were involved in terrorist activity against Israeli targets.

Our only option is to destroy the enemy first and that is why pre-emption and what we have been doing in Iraq and previously, in Afghanistan, has been the right answer all along.

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