Think it through

How nice it is of Westerners to call it “radical” Islam and to think that the “rational” Muslim can reject the small minority of Wahhabi fanatics who “love death”.

Most uneducated Westerners, at least the ones who want to appease civilization’s enemies, constantly speak of the perversion of true Islam but what the devil do they know?

If this is so, why didn’t the authoritative Muslim clergy around the world dissociate themselves from 9/11, subsequent terrorism, beheadings and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion aired on Egyptian TV?

If some Muslims have started, however slightly, to do so four years after the event it is due more to public relations expediency rather than to sincerity.

Do Westerners really know about “restoring” respect for human life in the Islamic community when the Reformation of Islam has yet to take place and it is still mired in the 7th century precepts of a very intolerant history?

So I ask, will you please think this through?

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