Opinion: Why The Special Treatment for Israel?

After weeks of terrorist fedayeen attacks on American forces, Allied troops managed to catch a large group of these militants in open battle. Casualty lists varied, with the official American toll listing 54 guerrillas killed. Iraqi sources listed 8 civilians dead, however.

Think about this idea, from Voice of Judea. Imagine that instead of ‘American,’ or ‘Allied’ forces, the story listed ‘Israeli’ or ‘Jewish,’ and instead of Iraqis, the news item spoke of “Palestinian fatalities.”

What would world reaction be? Would America be at all supportive of it? Doubtful. Would the UN and world community accept it with even a modicum of understanding? Hardly. Demands for a UN mission in Israel would arise. The International War Crimes tribunal would place every Israeli solider and officer even distantly involved in the operation on trial. Why is there the special treatment for Israel?

As obvious as the answer is, most people simply don’t know. Israel is the only country to be threatened with annihilation time and time again and still refrain from taking simple logical steps to free itself of these threats. Israel is the only country to be bombed relentlessly without a serious response aimed at defeating the enemy entity (in this case the PA), despite its ability to do so.

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