They were the “hardest hit”

Leave it to the NY Times to focus on only the Muslim victims of the tragic Minnesota bridge collapse, in a creative attempt to make sure that you, the reader, is properly indoctrinated in the false belief system that Muslims are always the victims, never the predators. From the NY Slimes:

Among the hardest hit in the bridge collapse last week was a group that had survived war and strife in their homeland, Somalia, and a move across the world to settle here. Steps from the bridge, in the spice-scented groceries and other stores in the neighborhood of Somalis along Cedar Avenue South, the toll of the collapse was inescapable.

At least two Somalis were injured in cars, and one, bruised and shaken, returned to the neighborhood on Tuesday, recounting his ordeal. Other young Somalis were among those who survived when the school bus they were riding in dropped.

Sadiya Sahal, 23, a pregnant Somali nursing student, and her toddler daughter remained missing in the Mississippi, among the eight people whom divers continued to look for.“Somalis have been through war, drama and cultural shock before,” said Saeed Fahia, director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota. “For many, this incident has triggered those bad memories once more. There’s this sense of anxiety, a sense that bad things follow me to America.”

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