They Killed Him

They did it.

Muslim terrorists in Saudi Arabia carried out their threat and beheaded American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., the Arab satellite network Al-Arabiya reported Friday.

Folks, where is the outrage? Where is the outrage from “moderate” muslims? Why do these barbarians get support from so many of their fellow muslim brethren?

And the barbarian’s ruse is that it has to do with Abu Ghraib, which is a ball-faced lie because muslims have beeen at war with us for ages.

This is not about Iraq. This is not about George Bush. This is not about Israel. It’s about Islam and it’s about a depraved, evil, religious cult.

Folks, arm yourselves. We’re going to lose this world war if we don’t wake up and start smelling the curved scimitar.

Our condolences to the Johnson family.

One more note: Our site got over 1000 hits today since the news broke today that muslim barbarians killed Paul Johnson. We can’t believe it really because looking at the queries, many of those Google, Yahoo, and MSN hits are really just sick-o’s who are just interested in seeing a snuff film. Society is disintegrating before our very eyes and we can thank the godless Libs, the godless Left, the godless Hollywood Elite, the godless Ted “Hiccup” Kennedy, the godless John Kerry, the godless Michael Moore, the godless Hillary Clinton, the dick Bill Clinton, and the rest of the Hate America crowd, because they are the ones who initiated and instigated and urged the fraying of the social, traditional, and religious fabric of our country.

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