They fled in 1948 too

A growing number of palestinians are openly saying they’d like to leave the West Bank and Gaza if given the chance, yet another indication of the folly of their majority choice in electing Hamas to run their government.

Birzeit University pollster Nader Said, who has monitored emigration attitudes for 12 years, says the percentage of palestinians willing to relocate once hovered just below 20%. That figure jumped to 32% in a September survey, surging to 44% among palestinians in their 20s and 30s, and beyond 50% among young men.

Folks, remember this today in 2006 the above words as well as the following event: when Israel’s independence was declared in 1948, the majority of Arab refugees were not expelled. Sixty-eight percent voluntarily left without seeing an Israeli soldier.

History reveals that Arab leaders called on the palestinian “refugees” to flee. Theirs was a self-inflicted nakba.

One of the many facts that Arab Muslims and other professional liars are ignorant of is that the Mandate of Palestine was an area mandated by the British divided into two UNEQUAL parts, the larger area for the Jew-hating Muslim Arabs and the smallest area for Jews.

I’m sick of listening to Muslims and Muslim apologists blame the Mid-East war on Israel. That doesn’t explain why, in 1929, barbaric Arab Muslims slaughtered 67 Jews while they were praying in their synagogue in the Jewish Holy City of Hebron.

Israel is a sovereign nation that was RESTORED as the ancient and national homeland of the Jews by a unaninmous vote by the United Nations in 1947. Jews have lived in the West Bank and Gaza Strip throughout recorded history, until 1948 when they were forced to flee the invading Arab armies.

Several of the current settlement communities existed prior to 1948 when they where overrun by invading Arab armies. Kfar Etzion and other villages in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem corridor, for example, fell to Arab forces in May 1948 and those captured were massacred. Sons and daughters of those who lived there until 1948 were the first to return after the 1967 war.

The fact of the matter is that it’s not Israel that causes Mid-East unrest, it’s Islam. Islam is unhinged. It is the global Muslim rejection of Israel’s right to exist and not Israeli policies that are the cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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