There was a homicide bombing today in Israel

There was a homicide bombing today in Israel. The homicide bomber killed two heroic Israeli policeman at a roadblock. The homicide bomber was a woman. She killed a young Ethiopian soldier, Mamoya Tahio, who bravely confronted her along with another soldier, Menashe Komemi.

The murderer/woman was a member of the Al Aqsa Brigade. She was 18 years old. Rumor has it that it was an honor killing. She took her own life rather than be killed by members of her own family for having an illicit love affair.

Who cares. She’s dead. Good riddance. I guess all it takes is a murderous urge to kill a Jew in order to see Islamic terrorists finally giving women their equal rights.

It was a miracle that more Jews were not killed and that the death toll was not higher. The murderer/woman arrived wearing a veil, from Jerusalem, which means she circumvented the area, and got into Jerusalem like a sneaking thief. She is believed to be from Nablus.

Folks, Israel took Ethiopians in in 1991 and Ethiopians have embraced Israel and they have assimilated and they serve Israel with distinction. They’ve achieved success and they have prospered.

What have Arabs done for non-Arabs? Why can’t Arabs assimilate? Why are they always competing and salivating and envying and coveting and conquering?

Arabs must ask of themselves what is it about their Arab culture that makes it so hard for them to get along with non-Arabs.

There was a homicide bombing today in Israel

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