There is no precedent

Folks, there is NO precedent for an incumbent President to be defeated during wartime. There is NO precedent for an incumbent President to be defeated during an economic fracture – which we don’t have right now, although the Liberals and Democrats are desperately looking for it and are waiting for it, but we don’t have an economic fracture; perhaps we will have one when oil goes up to $85 a barrel, but right now, we don’t have one.So, who will be our next Commander in Chief? Who will run our military, which is what a Commander in Chief does?Remember how poorly Al Gore performed in 2000 – it’s a foreshadowing of how poorly John Kerry will perform if – Gd Forbid – he is elected President.Only you will determine that, dear readers.Folks, I beg you, please don’t be idiots by voting for John Kerry. Remember 9/11. Remember the Towers crashing to the ground. Remember the 3000 who perished at the hands of an unevolved culture. Remember how the Twin Tower victims jumped out of the buildings rather than being burned by jet fuel. Remember the sounds that their bones made as they hit the pavement and the store awnings and the nearby rooftops at the speed of gravity at 32 feet per second squared. SPLAT. CRACK. BLAM. Remember the pits and indentations their bodies made into the the asphalt. Remember their broken bodies and squashed skulls and their brains splattered all about Pearl Street. Remember your shock and disbelief and rage and horror. Remember the smell. Remember how the dead died in the planes in Pennsylvania, how the victims were burned alive in the Pentagon. Think about how hot your shower water can get. Think about the burn of fire on your flesh. Think of the agony of running down 75 staircases, gasping for breath, and seeing a decapitated body in the stairwell, that you had to step over, to save your own life. Think about the cloud of cement mixed in with pulverized bone and spleen.Remember and think! John Kerry will never remember the dead, he will never remember the murdered! Who will? Who will honor the dead? Who will remember those who died on September 11th? Who will remember the dead and place a stone on their markers?GEORGE BUSH WILL REMEMBER. VOTE FOR BUSH / CHENEY 2004.