The Sad Exodus of Christians from the Birthplace of Jesus

This is indeed a sad story but it should be noted that this British rag of a paper, the Independent/UK,  never uses the word “sad” when Jews are killed by Muslim savages.  Via British rag:

“It is a sad fact, but it remains a fact, that a lot of Christians are leaving,” says Victor Batarseh, the Christian mayor of Bethlehem. One charge is that Muslims have been taking over Christian lands with the Palestinian authorities turning a blind eye. Yusuf Nassir, 57, is looking for a way to emigrate. “My house was attacked [by Muslims] over nothing. There was a dispute between a Muslim and a Christian boy, this turned into a communal fight and then around 70 men turned on us.” Nicola Lolas, 38, says: “What we are seeing now is organized extortion from some Muslims….In each case they have been forced to pay compensation even though they have done nothing wrong.” Mrs. Lolas says: “As an uncovered Christian woman I get insulted a lot more by Muslim men than I used to.”

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