The Dual-Loyalty Canard

From Times of Israel:

I never thought, after the presence of Jews in North America for 365 years, that we would have to remind the likes of Reps. Omar and Tlaib and those in their corner, of the great contributions that the Jewish community has made to this country. Jews have fought in every one of this country’s wars; indeed, more than 250,000 did so in World War I and 500,000 in World War II, a proportion far above our numbers in the population. In science, medicine, law, academia, entertainment and so many other fields, you will find Jewish names amongst those who have given so much to their fellow citizens. And, yes, we actively participate in our political process.

In 1915, the eminent jurist Louis D. Brandeis said, “Let no American imagine that Zionism is inconsistent with Patriotism. Multiple loyalties are objectionable only if they are inconsistent….Every American Jew who aids in advancing the Jewish settlement in Palestine…will likewise be a better man and a better American for doing so. There is no inconsistency between loyalty to America and loyalty to Jewry.” The writer is CEO of B’nai B’rith International.

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