Terrorists’ Right To Work

Folks, you gotta read this article by Shawn Macomber up over at FrontPage Magazine about the ACLU’s inexplicable refusal to check it’s potential employee list against terrorist watch lists, as required by the Combined Federal Campaign, which donates half a million dollars a year to the ACLU. Here are a couple random paragraphs:

“Essentially, the ACLU is being asked to not hire those who seek to murder large numbers of Americans. Perhaps it should surprise us that the ACLU is reluctant to agree to such a request. Sadly, it is not. But even the radicals over at the ACLU know how this must sound to the average American and are using all sorts of permutations to attempt to make it more palatable.

For example, in a recent ACLU press release on the matter the group contended that the terrorism watch lists were a sham because they had pulled a single name from the list—Julio Ramirez–and found hundreds of people across the nation with the same name. “Any non-profit that employs a Julio Ramirez would now be obligated to ask potentially intrusive questions about his personal life and beliefs,” the ACLU lectures.

If you aren’t a terrorist, is it really going to be such a big deal to go ahead and say you aren’t one? Does saying you do not, in fact, want to murder Americans sound like too much of a “loyalty oath” for the folks over at the ACLU? If a certain six foot eight, bearded man applied for a position at the ACLU, would it be too much to ask Anthony Romero to inquire as to whether the Osama before him was one and the same with the Osama currently sought in the mass murder of September 11? Or would that be “potentially intrusive”?”

Here’s the rest of Shawn’s article.

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