Terrorist attempts to fool metal detector

Like lemmings that are driven to dive off cliffs, like hyenas that are driven to stalk their prey, like bacteria that devour decomposing flesh, Muslims are driven to kill Jews. Forever scheming, Muslim murderers have found a new tactic to avoid being detected by police. This time, it was discovered that a Muslim terrorist who was seized in Jerusalem’s Tzahal Sqaure in July was carrying an explosive belt with a liquid material, which prevents it from being detected by a metal detector. The Muslim, 25-year-old Ashraf Khaled Hassin Hananai of Beit Furik, was a Popular Resistance Committees “activist”. A similar belt was later captured in Ramallah. On July 17, police arrested Ashraf who was taken into interrogation by the Shin Bet and confessed that he was recruited about a month and a half earlier by members of a Muslim military group from his village and was trained to carry out a terror attack.

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