Terrorist and Inciting Messages on Yahoo

Hat tip to Discover the Network, MEMRI:

Internet sites are one of the major platforms used by terrorist organizations for indoctrination and incitement. One of the sites used by Islamist terrorist organizations and activists is Yahoo (geocities[dot]yahoo[dot]com ) which rents space for users to construct their own websites.

This dispatch follows two reports released last year by MEMRI on “Islamist Websites and Their Hosts” [1], which resulted in several websites hosted in the U.S. being shut down.

Among the websites hosted by Yahoo is www.geocities[dot]com/esknas/index.html, which features, among other things, the speeches of Al-Qaeda Leader in Iraq Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi, and videos showing executions of hostages.

The front page of the site starts with the following message: “Oh believers, do not form an allegiance with the Jews and the Christians; they are allied with each other. He who forms an allegiance with them is one of them, and Allah will not guide the oppressors [Koran 5:51]. The jihad warriors mete out the punishment of Allah, be he praised, to the American and Jewish infidels, and to the murtaddun [apostates].”

The videos showing hostage executions are described as “[showing] the slaughter, by jihad fighters, of infidel Christian and Jewish agents, murtaddun, spies, traitors, corrupt [individuals], [members of] the murtadd National Guard, enemies of Islam and of the Muslims and Shi’ite infidels.”

The list of videos available on the site includes:

Execution of Nick Berg

Slaughter of Jack Hansley

Execution of an American spy

Slaughter of [Eugene] Armstrong

Execution of Syousei Kouda

Slaughter of Paul Johnson

Slaughter of Kin Sun [2]

Slaughter of a murtadd

Slaughter of an American from the CIA

Slaughter of the Jew Daniel Pearl

Slaughter of a Nepali

Slaughter of Kenneth Bigley

Slaughter of a murtadd…

Slaughter of a murtadd engineer

Slaughter of 11 [members of] the National Guard…

Another Islamist website hosted on Yahoo, which seems to be affiliated with the aforementioned site, is www[dot]geocities[dot]com/mojahedoon35. This site features speeches by Osama bin Laden and Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi, as well as a guide for building and operating weapons [2] and links to other Islamist sites. [3]

The Islamist terrorist organizations also make use of Yahoo in other ways: they disseminate their messages on Yahoo forums and form discussion groups for purposes of indoctrination and incitement. An example is the group called Modjahede groups[dot]yahoo[dot]com/group/modjahede/, which includes links to Islamist sites, to videos distributed by terrorist organizations [4] and to guides for building and operating conventional and nuclear weapons. [5]

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It should be mentioned that the guide for preparing nuclear weapons was previously posted by another Yahoo group called Mojahedon, which was closed down.

For more information on this, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1004, “On Islamic Websites: A Guide for Preparing Nuclear Weapons,” October 12, 2005, http://memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Page=archives&Area=sd&ID=SP100405.

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