Terrorism: The Root Causes

Contradicting the present U.S. Administrations’ belief in the peacefulness of Islam, the facts speak otherwise. As David Meir-Levi writes

“Moslems make up only about 20 percent of the world’s population. Yet we see that Moslem countries contribute to the majority of the violence in the world today. Moreover, Arabs make up only about 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we witness the phenomenon of Arabs in leadership roles in many, if not most, of the Moslem conflicts… Even Saudi and Pakistani commentators have pointed out that while not all Moslems are terrorists, almost all terrorists are Moslems… and most of these are Arabs.”

Why the hatred? Meir-Levi persuasively argues that it is due to the

“..Islamofascist leaders worldwide who are confronted with our success, threatened by our freedom, humiliated to the point of fury and violence due to their culture’s emphasis upon shame versus honor. Rather than learn from us or work with us, they seek to destroy us.”

Read Terrorism: The Root Causes.

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