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A Forgery and a Hate Crime

In a stratagem typical of the deceitful smear campaigns the left seems to favor, an obviously fake hate flyer has been posted all over the George Washington University campus with the intention of sabotaging Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (October 22-26), and smearing its sponsors the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the Young America’s Foundation.
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Anti-Muslim Fliers Cause Uproar

Posters May Be Intended to Mock Conservative Group
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Horowitz, Hannity to Speak on Campus

Conservative author David Horowitz confirmed Friday night that he plans to speak on Columbia’s campus as part of a speaking tour on so-called Islamo-fascism.

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The Campus Director’s Blog

Naming the Enemy

I recently saw the long-awaited fourth installment of the Die Hard franchise, Live Free or Die Hard. It was a very enjoyable film, and I am always glad to support a movie with Hollywood conservative Bruce Willis.
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What you should know about Jihad

1. The long term goal of jihad is world domination – a global islamic state under islamic law.Jihad is not, as some Western apologists claim, simply a striving for individual perfection.


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The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

The booklet that you are about to read details some of the principal ways in which women suffer in the Islamic world – often with religious and cultural sanction. Many of these crimes against women, such as wife-beating, are ordained by the Qur’an itself; others, such as female genital mutilation and honor killing, are praised by Islamic clerics and hallowed by Islamic culture.
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