Terror tunnel found in Jewish Gaza

Dear Condoleeza Rice,

Israeli forces this afternoon thwarted a series of suicide attacks in a large Jewish Gaza neighborhood after they uncovered a tunnel that the Palestinian Arab terror group Islamic Jihad dug from Khan Yunis leading into Neve Dekalim, the largest town in the Gush Katif slate of Gaza, Israel.

Khan Yunis borders parts of Gush Katif.

Muslim terrorists were planning to use the tunnel, which would have been completed today, to carry out large-scale suicide attacks against innocent Jews inside Neve Dekalim, the only Katif town with restaurants and office buildings.

It was the second tunnel discovered in Gush Katif. The first, June 29, led into Dekalim’s industrial district, just a quarter of a mile from the town’s residential zone.

Palestinian terrorists regularly use tunnels to smuggle weapons from Egypt into the nearby Rafah refugee camp. In December, Hamas killed five Israelis by packing explosives in a tunnel they had dug underneath a military base. But the tunnel discoveries in Neve Dekalim marked the first known cases of Muslim terrorists planning to infiltrate Gaza’s Jewish communities by way of a tunnel.

It’s bad enough Israel is trying to force Jews from their homes. It doesn’t make it easier that Jews have rockets fired at them every day and deal with shootings on their roads. Now Jews in Gaza, Israel have to worry about terrorists popping out of tunnels in their own backyards.

Wish you were there.


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