Terror has many faces: Kerry is one of them

Folks, as you already know, there is an elevated terror alert. Keep your eyes peeled – if you see anything suspicious – don’t hesitate to tell a cop. I take this alert seriously; this is our country, our defense, this is the least we can do as men and women defend us overseas.

This is no joke, Howard Dean! And this is no time to hand this great nation off to an anti-war president who has no inkling about the degree of terror our enemies want to impose on us!

We, as a peaceful people have the right to attack others before they attack us – that is the Bush Reagan doctrine. It is a doctrine based on America’s best interests, not Frances, not the UN’s. It is the only doctrine that makes sense. If you oppose this doctrine then you must support another doctrine. What doctrine do the Dems support?

And, John F’n Kerry, if you want to be commander in chief, then you must have some basic ideas on how to hande intellligence and terror. How come we haven’t heard what they are?

See, folks, Kerry has never fully recovered from his anti war days – he only knows how to protest, to disparage, to tear down, to insult. He is not qualified to be a man who can make desisions because he has chosen jobs that don’t require making decisions. He did nothing as Lieutenant Governer of Massachussets and that’s why he doesn’t talk about his accomplishments as US Senator. He has nothing to talk about. John Kerry is not a leader – he’s just an anti-war protestor dressed up as a presidential candidate.

Here’s the true John Kerry: On Jan 3, 2004 Washington Times printed that Sen. John Kerry said the threat of terrorism has been exaggerated – they are misleading all Americans in a profound way.

Well, what is it folks? You can’t have it both ways – has the President done too much or he has done too little or he hasn’t acted fast enough?? Well, what is it, Libs? Dems?

Howard Dean said to Wolf Blitzer, on CNN Sunday, that Bush has elevated the terror alert as a political move to reinstate himself in the public’s eye. Folks, Howard Dean is a loon. Howard Dean has no facts, no evidence, no truths to support . The Democratic party has become a sick party. Look who’s leading them, folks. Kerry knows he can’t run on his own record. But, folks, do you understand what has to happen here if Howard Dean’s conspiracy theory were true? Bush and Powell and Ridge and Rumsfeld and the CIA director and the FBI director would have had to get together to hatch this plot; they’d all have had to sit in one room along with the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department and get them to whisper and swear not to tell anyone that this is a conspiracy. Puhleeze, what insanity. How low will the Democratic party sink? Folks, do YOU think this is political? This is WAR, folks, this is not manufactured! Clearly, it is the goal of the Democratic party to tear down the Commander in Chief because Bush knows how to defend us and Kerry doesn’t have a clue and the Dems and Libs don’t want YOU to know that.

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