The Temple Institute: Online Update

The fifth and sixth installments of The Temple Institute’s new online, in-depth learning tool, “The Illustrated Tour of the Holy Temple”, are now live on their website,

The detailed text of the tour is illuminated by dozens of images provided by the Temple Institute’s collection of paintings, models and technical diagrams. The tour will take you through the entire Temple Mount complex, as it existed during the time of the Second Temple, providing a comprehensive description of all the various walls and gates, plazas, chambers and courtyards, and the inner sanctum of the Holy Temple itself.

Their newest installments take you all the way from the southern gates of the sanctified courtyard right into the Kodesh – where the Menorah, the Table of the Showbread, and the Incense Altar stood. It also describes the architectural elements of the Temple, its various rooms, and its soaring dimensions, imparting a sense of the grandeur and awe which surrounded the structure. The tour is being presented in weekly installments. The seventh, and final, installment will be added during the coming week. The Temple Institute will inform all newsletter subscribers of the coming installment. To take the tour, click here:

If you have already been following the tour, and wish to take up where you left off, please click here:

Important developments have been taking place on and concerning the Temple Mount, and the continuing and ever-growing efforts to rekindle spirits, and return Jewish presence and worship to the holy site that is the Temple Mount. To read about this, please visit the News page:

Mark on your calendars that Rabbi Chaim Richman is a weekly guest on The Eli Stutz & Yishai Fleisher Show, on Arutz 7 internet radio, each Thursday, 3:30 PM Israel time, 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. For more details, go to Events:

Please remember to always check the Events page in order to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening at the Temple Institute and what’s new on the site.

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