Tehran Times marks Holocaust Day by denying it happened

Folks, the Tehran Times marked Holocaust Day by denying it happened. The paper’s content is vicious in its repudiation of the existence of the Holocaust. Here is an excerpt from the article, found here at this purposefully aborted URL: www dot tehrantimes dot com/Description.asp?Da=1/26/2005&Cat=14&Num=001

“Subjecting an ethnic group or nation to torture under any pretext is quite unacceptable, but it is worse when the suffering is abused, and it is the worst when a group tries to exaggerate the event for political purposes.

By exaggerating the suffering of the Jews during World War II, Zionist groups and the Israeli regime are taking advantage of the situation by raising the issue at international organizations in order to neutralize any opposition to their diabolical plots.”

A sterling example of Arab love.

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