Technion researchers develop robot to travel inside spinal column

Despite all the libels against Israel (brutal occupiers, apartheid state, a “mistake”) and calls for her annihilation, this tiny country continues to blaze new trails in medicine, technology, agriculture and a host of other fields.Reality is finally catching up with the 1966 science fiction movie Fantastic Voyage; Technion-Israel Institute of Technology researchers have found a way to propel an as yet-undeveloped tiny swimming robot through the spinal fluid between the vertebrae in the human body. Sending a robot through the arteries is about three years in the future, the developers predicted.

The minuscule robot’s swimming mechanism is especially suited for movement in water or other clear fluids. When the swimming mechanism is attached to a tiny camera, it will be able to travel inside the spinal column to the target area and broadcast video images or photos. The robot itself is still under development at the Technion.

The robot’s propulsion is called a “breakthrough” by its inventors. The mechanism was developed by a mechanical engineering faculty team headed by Prof. Moshe Shaham for the doctorate of Gabor Kosha. Shaham has already developed a tiny robot that assists in back surgery. Manufactured by Mazor Surgical Technology in Caesarea and
Atlanta, it is currently used in three hospitals in Israel and 10 in the US. Shoham and Kosha were assisted by Dr. Menashe Zaaroor of Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center and more recently by master’s degree student Tzipi Neubach.So, dear readers, tell me, what have Arab Muslims done for you lately?

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