Talking points

Folks, when Jew haters and terrorist apologists say Israel is not interested in living peacefully with its neighbors, tell them:

– In 1947, the Jewish people accepted the UN Partition Plan although it gave the Arabs 85% of the land originally promised to the Jews by the British. The Arabs rejected the plan.
– Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula (2 1/2 times the size of Israel) for peace with Egypt.
– At Camp David II (2000), Israeli Prime Minister Barak offered the “palestinians”, a palestinian state comprising 91-97% of the territories (the remainder would be made up from Israel proper), military control of eastern Jerusalem and parts of the Old City, and repatriation of many “palestinian” refugees and compensation to those who couldn’t return.

When Jew haters and terrorist apologists say the “palestinians” will embrace peace if Israeli “occupation” ends, tell them:
– Arab nations attacked Israel 2 times before there were any “occupied territories.”
– The PLO was created in 1964, before there were any “occupied territories.”
– 40% of the West Bank and 95% of the Gaza Strip, comprising 97% of the Palestinian population, is already under direct control of the Palestinian Authority.

When Jew haters and terrorist apologists say Israel is using excessive force in dealing with harmless “palestinian” protesters, tell them:

– “palestinian” terrorists, using bombs, mortars, and automatic weapons, hide-out amongst civilians and put children on the front line.
– Israel has placed its own soldiers in mortal danger while battling against terrorism, in order to minimize the damage to “palestinian” civilians.
– During “Black September” in the 1970s, 2,500 “palestinian” rioters were killed by Jordan in 10 days.

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