Talk host under fire for slamming Arabs

Talk host under fire for slamming Arabs

Folks, get a load of this new hypocritical policy coming out of the BBC:

A British television talk-show host for BBC1 is under fire for a newspaper column he wrote criticizing Arabs. Robert Kilroy-Silk faces a possible police investigation after referring to Arabs as “suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors,” reports Sky News. The comments, which included a charge that Arabs “murdered” 3,000 civilians on September 11, were published in a weekend column in the Sunday Express.


If a British television talk-show host were criticizing Israeli Jews, then the BBC would have applauded the sentiment. The corrupt Leftists who run the BBC typically report on the conflict in Israel by referring to Arabs who are killed while rioting as: “Palestinian demonstrators shot dead by Israeli armed troops”. They then drum up statistics showing how disproportionate are the numbers of Jewish casualties as compared to Arab casualties. The implication is that Israel is a brutal oppressor which puts down democratic expression of dissent by shooting protestors. Clearly it is understandable that, in reaction to this brutality, the Arabs will shoot back. Seeing the statistics, it appears as though the Arabs are only defending themselves and standing up bravely against Israeli oppression.

But these are lies, and the BBC knows it. Tom Gross, former Middle East reporter for the London Sunday Telegraph and New York Daily News, and author of “Jeningrad“, writes: “I believe that the profound anti-Israel bias — and now I am convinced that it does exist — has, over the years, become ingrained in the BBC’s corporate culture. Combine that with a massive dose of anti-Americanism and you have a combustible cocktail.”

It is astonishing, too, but not surprising, that the Oxford “poet” Tom Paulin should continue to star on the BBC Newsnight’s Late Review, despite his call, published in the Cairo-based al-Ahram, to kill Jewish settlers.

One can only guess at the BBC’s reaction if his remarks had been directed at Arabs instead of at Jews.

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