Taking them under her wing

Eleven young women and 18 of their children are living in a shelter in a community in the Carmel region of Israel. The only difference between them and the rest of the residents is their origin: they have all escaped from the terror of genocide in Darfur, they have all somehow infiltrated into Israel and left behind families that they will never see again.

Click here to read the story of the women’s shelter in Israel that in the past few months has served as the home for a group of Sudanese refugees that survived genocide perpetrated by warring Muslims in Sudan.

The shelter subsists solely on donations and needs all possible supplies: baby supplies such as blankets, sheets, clothing, cribs and carriages; a dryer; toys; and books in Arabic and English, and Hebrew and English school books.

To donate, email: sigal@hotline.org.il

To be sure, there is no doubt that Muslim selective indignation and projection (mostly toward Israel) on the matter of terror and mass murder is hypocritical. The same Muslims that complain that Arabs are victimised by Israel are totally silent with regard to the Arab Muslim extermination of mostly indigent Africans in Sudan.

The government of Sudan and allied Arab militia, called Janjaweed, are implementing a strategy of ethnic-based murder, rape and forcible displacement of civilians. The victims of the ongoing war crimes are non-Arab African people who have lived in the Darfur region for centuries.

Maybe because there are no Westerners or Israelis to be blamed, the crisis in Darfur, in northwestern Sudan, has commanded little international attention.

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