Taiwan’s Nazi Movement

I always thought it was hypocritical of the U S to endorse a sovereign “Palestinian” state — but shun Taiwan’s claim to independence. But if this new emergence of Nazism in Taiwan continues to contaminate itself from within, then the Taiwanese don’t deserve a state any more than the fake “Palestinians” do. From Der Spiegel:

A Nazi organization which promotes a fascist ideology of national unity and strength, and reveres Adolf Hitler, is seeking official status in Taiwan — much to the fury of Jewish groups.

The emergence of a Nazi group in Taiwan that reveres Adolf Hitler and advocates curbing immigration has been condemned by an international Jewish human rights organization.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Tuesday hit out at the National Socialism Association of Taiwan (NSA) on Tuesday for championing the former Nazi dictator. “In the global interconnected world we live in, it is unacceptable anywhere to seek to promote the policies and images of Hitler and Nazi Germany as worthy of emulation,” Simon Wiesenthal Centrer Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper said in a statement.

The year-old NSA is seeking the status of a non-governmental organization from the Taiwanese authorities and plans to hold its inaugural convention this coming Saturday. The controversial association has around 1,000 members, mostly of college age, who use their Web site to publicize their extremist views. The Web site is emblazoned with a Nazi swastika and says the group’s ranks are reserved for people “who do not dislike Hitler.”

One contributor to the Web site’s discussion forum advocates policies on immigrant workers that bring to mind the German National Socialists’ final solution. “If foreign laborers have children in Taiwan the government must exterminate them,” the blogger writes. He adds: “In order to stop our genetic stock from further deterioration, strict monitoring and cruel punishments are called for.”

Another contributor to the online blog writes: “What Hitler meant by ‘superior race’ is superior cultural content and not biological phenotype.” Other members of the NSA have posted photos of themselves on the Internet posing in German army uniforms.

Taiwan, which has a population of 23 million, currently hosts about 300,000 immigrant workers, most of them from neighboring countries in South-East Asia. The self-styled NSA leader, 23-year-old Yue Shu-ya, thinks that Taiwan could learn useful lessons from the Führer’s welfare state model. “We want to study Hitler’s good points, not study his massacres,” he said. “It has nothing to do with Naziism.”

Shyeah, riiight. Another ignorant stooge emerges from its underground cavern. For more information on Taiwan’s Nazi Party, click here.

A large Taiwanese advertisement showing a cartoon of a smiling Adolf Hitler supporting German-made electric space heaters with the English translation of “Declare war on the cold front!” printed across the top hangs on the wall of a popular subway station in Taipei, Taiwan.
Photo: AP

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