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What happened in 1948? - page 2

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A nation that has freed itself

May 16, 1948: There are days in the human record on which the night never falls. They shine forever; and in its rays the human race is able to pick its ways forward. The constancy of the Jewish people has brought the fecund day into being, until the bridge of their suffering between which spans… Keep Reading

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U.S. recognizes Jewish State

Sunday May 16, 1948 WASHINGTON (May 16) — Ten minutes after the termination of the British Mandate on Friday, the White House released a formal statement by President Truman that the U.S. Government intended to recognize the Provisional Jewish Government as the de facto authority representing the Jewish State. The U.S. is also considering lifting… Keep Reading

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The Palestine Post, Sunday May 16, 1948

The Palestinian Arabs and the Palestinian Jews were both residents of the Mandate of Palestine, from which the term “Palestinian” comes from. Palestinian Arabs have no absolute, natural right to self-determination of their own country without the reciprocal absolute natural right of the Palestinian Jew. The Palestinian Jew has the right to veto such “rights”… Keep Reading

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A Reminder of the Fight for Jerusalem

While carrying out excavations in the Western Wall Plaza, researchers unearthed a 60-year old Davidka mortar shell dating back to Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. The tiny Davidka shell uncovered this week serves as a timely reminder that once upon a time, the Jewish people were willing to fight for Jerusalem. A sad but excellent… Keep Reading

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Today in Jewish History – Tevet 14

Sponsored by Aish.com: Yahrtzeit of Pinchas Rutenberg (1879-1942), founder of the Israel Electric Corporation. A Russian Jewish immigrant, Rutenberg was a visionary and pioneer, whose efforts to bring electricity to Israel is regarded as a crucial factor in building a strong modern economy. Rutenberg’s flagship project was a hydroelectric plant on the Jordan River in… Keep Reading

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