Today in Jewish History – Nissan 22


Sponsored by In 1921, Arab mobs attacked Jewish residents of Jaffa and stormed the Zionist Immigration Center, killing 47 Jews. The Arabs used rioting as a political tool: After each outbreak, a British commission of inquiry would pin the cause of the violence on the Arabs’ fear of being displaced by Jews. To stop the rioting, the commission would recommend that restrictions be placed on Jewish immigration. In this particular case, the Arabs won the battle — to scare the Jews out of Jaffa — but lost the war: The riots spurred Jewish settlement in neighboring Tel Aviv, which

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Hebron protestors demand property taken in 1929


About 1,000 people attended a demonstration in Hebron yesterday to demand that stolen Jewish property be returned. The property was stolen by Arabs in 1929, following an Arab pogrom that killed 67 Jews and drove the rest of the Jewish community out of the Jewish Holy City of Hebron. Two speakers at the rally were survivors of that pogrom. The demonstrators also urged that Jews be allowed to return to the city’s wholesale market. Settlers evacuated the market voluntarily last year in exchange for a promise that they could return later, but Attorney General Menachem Mazuz subsequently vetoed their return.

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An encyclopedia vs. the Bible


This post is a response to someone who holds that the proof which he concludes that the Palestinian Arabs have had their land stolen by Israel, can be found in a map in an encyclopedia under “Palestine”. Well, sir, evidently there is confusion and lack of knowledge of the Jewish biblical and modern historical connections to Palestine. I have a book called the Bible. There are no pictures in it at all, but it is a book about people, places and things, much like your encyclopedia. In the Bible, Gaza is a named region and it’s size, shape, region and

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They don’t deserve their own state


While Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced after meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas would meet with her for a three-way informal discussion of issues that must be cleared away to establish a Palestinian state, we learn that Palestinian terror groups in the West Bank have recently obtained high-grade explosives that have significantly improved the effectiveness of roadside improvised explosive devices (IED) used against IDF patrols. Folks, it is no secret that Palestinians will demand that Israel dismantle and evacuate every single Jewish community built since 1967 on lands

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No longer is 1967 “the year”. Now it’s 1917.


I received two emails from the same muzbot named “mohamadyousef”, a fakestinian who has intoxicated himself with the belief that the palestinians actually once owned a homeland that was, in turn, stolen by the Jews. The two emails went straight to my spam folder, but the personal message “moe” wrote is more proof how the “fakestinians” are busy hard at work coming up with a new twist to market the causes of their Jew-hatred. From “mohamadyousef”:—————————————Personal Message this is just A GRAIN of what you saionests , are doing in our country , do not you have WISE men in

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I don’t suffer fools well


This has been a stellar week for hate mail, mostly from muzbots, no doubt spurred on by Monkey Boy, the misanthropic Iranian who wants to destroy Israel more than a heart wants to beat. I take the hate mail as a badge of honor. Evidently, I am on the right track with the real truth about the cancerous entity calling itself “palestine”. One of the emails I received was from an Arab by the name of Tala Swailem (email address will be provided upon request). The subject was “you have been lying for over 60 years“. Tala dared me to

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