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New Waqf Council Managing the Temple Mount

Original Post from JCPA: The latest confrontation over the Mercy Gate (Golden Gate, or in Hebrew, Shaar HaRachamim), which has been disputed in the past, reflects a new pact between the opponents of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” consisting of the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, and Jordan, which is concerned about its future status on the […]

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Police Stop Islamic Work on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

From Police Stop Islamic Work on Temple Mount in Jerusalem: Police on Tuesday stopped Wakf Muslim trust officials from performing unauthorized construction work on the Temple Mount. Officers blocked workers from continuing unauthorized “surfacing work,” said Jerusalem police chief Cmdr.

Arab-Israeli Conflict Israel

“Under God’s Sovereignty” Is Not a Solution

Via DailyAlert, from “Under God’s Sovereignty” Is Not a Solution: The ideas resurfacing before the peace meeting in November include the proposal to remove the “sacred basin” in Jerusalem from any sovereign authority, Israeli or Palestinian, and to leave supervision with representatives of the three monotheistic religions. Sovereignty will be “in God’s hands.” However, this […]


Archaeologists: Muslim Dig Damaged Temple Wall

Well, that is their goal, folks; it is the goal of Muslims to deny to the world any evidence that Jews did indeed build and live within and next to their religious holy sites. Why do Muslims do that? So as to confound and confuse the rest of the world into believing the mendacious premise […]