Al Qaeda: Explosives Expert Among 4 Afghanistan Leaders Killed


The following news item should help set right anyone’s mythology that the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere are hurting “poor innocent Arab shepherds” who only want to raise sheep, raise a family, and spread peace throughout the world. May righteous Jews and Americans continue to capture and kill our enemies in al-Qaeda, the civilization-hating Muslim terror network. Via FoxNews: Al Qaeda confirmed in a Web statement Sunday the death of a senior commander known as a top explosives and poisons expert, who is believed to have been killed in a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan last week. The statement said

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Former FBI supervisory agent: U.S. ambassador to Yemen in 2000 hindered FBI investigation into USS Cole bombing


Via JihadWatch: A naive and muddleheaded multiculturalist ambassador impedes anti-terror efforts. “Coddling Terrorists In Yemen,” by Ali H. Soufan, an FBI supervisory special agent from 1997 to May 2005, in the Washington Post: Seven years after al-Qaeda terrorists Jamal al-Badawi and Fahd al-Quso confessed to me their crucial involvement in the bombing of the USS Cole, and three years after they were convicted in a Yemeni court — where a judge imposed a death sentence on Badawi — they, along with many other al-Qaeda terrorists, are free. On Oct. 12, 2000, when I flew to Yemen to lead the FBI’s

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Two Sentenced to Death for Cole Bombing


Folks, a Yemeni judge sentenced two men to death and four others to prison terms ranging from five to 10 years Wednesday for orchestrating the 2000 suicide bombing of the USS Cole, an attack blamed on bin Laden’s terror network. Saudi-born Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who is in U.S. custody at an undisclosed location, and Jamal al-Badawi, a 35-year-old Yemeni, were both sentenced to death for plotting, preparing and involvement in the bombing, which killed 17 U.S. sailors as their destroyer refueled in the southern Yemeni port of Aden. And folks, this happened under BJ Clinton’s watch, as did the first

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