Video: Turning Shavuot night into a Solidarity Event with Sderot


With the holiday of Shavuot approaching, and people preparing to stay up to learn Torah on Shavuot evening, 12Tribe Films Foundation ( and the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva ( are introducing the “Shavuot Mishnathon” – where people can learn Torah to support the people of Sderot. This year young and old, schools and communities can all join together and pledge to learn a number of mishnayot on Shavuot night while seeking sponsorships from family and friends. The Shavout Mishnathon allows all to learn together and help an institution that is helping the people of Sderot. All proceeds go directly to the

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The disputed territories never belonged to the “Palestinians”


The disputed – or as Jew-haters like to say – the “occupied” territories never belonged to the “Palestinians”. Never. These areas only came into Israeli possession as a result of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon converging on Israel’s border in 1967 – in what came to be known as the Six Day War – a war which the Arabs once again initiated with the singular goal to destroy all of Israel and all the Jews within. It was a war started by Arabs and once again lost by Arabs and as a result, Israel took control of the land. And

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