New Waqf Council Managing the Temple Mount


Original Post from JCPA: The latest confrontation over the Mercy Gate (Golden Gate, or in Hebrew, Shaar HaRachamim), which has been disputed in the past, reflects a new pact between the opponents of Trump’s “Deal of the Century” consisting of the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, and Jordan, which is concerned about its future status on the Temple Mount. The focus of new tensions on the Temple Mount – the Mercy Gate or Golden Gate compound – has not been chosen by chance by the Waqf council (in its new, broader, extreme composition) as the arena for provocation against Israel at the

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Israeli Archeologist Finds Artifacts from Time of Solomon’s Temple


Via Canadian Jewish News: Yuval Baruch, Jerusalem’s district archeologist at the Israel Antiquities Authority, made archeological history in October 2007 when he uncovered pottery artifacts on the site of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount dating from the time of King Solomon’s Temple (the First Jewish Temple). “The Muslim Waqf does not allow Israeli archeologists to conduct any excavations on the site. But I got access to a small tunnel where electrical cables run….I was not supposed to be left there alone, as the Waqf always has someone present when Israeli archeologists are on the site….By chance the Arab electrical workers left me

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First-Temple Building Remains Found Near the Jewish Holy Temple Mount


While Muslims huddle in their stench-filled darkened rooms, conniving new ways to fabricate their history and concoct schemes to murder innocent Jews, the Israel Antiquities Authority announces that for the first time in the history of the archaeological research of Jerusalem that building remains from the First Temple period have been exposed so close to the Temple Mount – on the eastern slopes of the Upper City. Via INN: A rich layer of finds from the latter part of the First Temple period (8th-6th centuries B.C.E.) has been discovered in archaeological rescue excavations near the Western Wall plaza. The dig

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Muslims Declare Jewish Temples Never Existed In Jerusalem


By The Editors of On the day that archaeologists announced discovering on the Temple Mount fragments of table vessels and animal bones dating back to Solomon’s Temple in the eight century B.C.E. — the former Mufti of Jerusalem and Fatah’s adviser on Jerusalem declared “There was never a Jewish Temple on al-Aqsa (The Temple Mount) and there is no proof that there ever was a temple. Because Allah is fair, he would not agree to make al-Aqsa if there were a temple there for others before hand.” He went on to comment on the Western or Wailing Wall. He

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Books: G-d’s Gold: A Quest for the Lost Temple Treasures of Jerusalem


Jewish World Review Oct. 9, 2007 / 27 Tishrei 5768 New book takes us on the trail of objects taken from Second Temple By Richard Di Dio The boundary between quest and obsession is not defined until it is crossed. By then it is too late — and extremely perilous. This is inevitable when the search is for some of the most precious and potentially explosive objects in the world: religious icons that, if found, will further agitate the roiling cauldron that is the Middle East. In “G-d’s Gold: A Quest for the Lost Temple Treasures of Jerusalem,” archaeologist Sean

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Quarry for Temple Mount’s Giant Rocks – Found


Via INN: The Antiquities Authority announced today that it has found the quarry that supplied the giant stones for the building of the Temple Mount. The quarry is located in what is now one of Jerusalem’s newest neighborhoods, Ramat Shlomo (also known as Reches Shuafat), between Ramot and French Hill. The quarry was found in the course of an archaeological rescue dig prior to the construction of a neighborhood school. The ancient quarry is spread out over at least five dunams (1.25 acres), with rocks between three and eight meters long – the size of those that can still be

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