Video: Dr. Mordechai Kedar on Al-Jazeera, Eloquent and Unafraid


More on Dr. Mordechai Kedar’s brilliant rebuttal on Al-Jazeera. Via INN: “We were here when your forefathers were drinking wine, burying their daughters alive and worshipping idols” – this was just one of Bar Ilan University political scientist Dr. Mordechai Kedar’s ripostes to questions by an Al Jazeera interviewer two weeks ago, in an interview that has received rave reviews from Israel-lovers the world over for its forcefulness.

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Restoring truth to the Middle East narrative


Jews have lived since Biblical times in what are now Arab countries. After Jews were conquered by Rome, Jews had to disperse, mostly to North Africa and the Middle East. Many Jews migrated to the Iberian peninsula – Spain and Portugal. They were expelled from those countries at the end of the 15th century. They mostly migrated to the Arab countries, where, by now, they have been living for almost 500 years, many Jews for over 2,000 years. The world is greatly concerned about the Arabs who fled the state of Israel in 1948, but no mention is ever made

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