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The Jewish People Are Entitled to Self-Determination

The brutal terror of the Palestinian Authority complicit in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jews from their homeland of Israel must stop. The global community must place intense pressure upon the entity calling itself “Palestine” to respect the human rights of the Jewish people who have returned to their restored homeland. Jews are entitled to… Keep Reading

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Who is Judah P. Benjamin?

I once wrote a response on Smooth Stone to a European’s anti-Israel rant and typed “Don’t you ever forget that we were writing the books that shaped your nation while your ancestors were still smearing themselves with feces and running naked after game in the wilds.” It was a great comeback that I had heard… Keep Reading

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Dramatic Drop in Terror Fatalities in 2007

From Dramatic Drop in Terror Fatalities in 2007: 13 Israelis were killed by Palestinians in 2007, down from 24 in 2006 and 50 in 2005, according to data released Monday by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). There was only one successful suicide bombing last year, down from six in 2006. Palestinians fired 1,263 rockets… Keep Reading

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A warning, just in time for Christmas

In 2007, Ramadan was in September, so I’m sure there’s more symbolism deep within this hate speech than what appears on the surface. Regardless, whatever the symbolism is inherent, it’s clear that it’s a warning. Following are excerpts from a speech by Muhammad Taher Al-Farouq, leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which was posted… Keep Reading

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Shema, Israel

I couldn’t have said it better. Received by email: Israel, if you don’t take matters into your own hands at once, your forefathers will be ashamed when they meet you in Olam Haba. Decide your own fate. Keep Reading

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