More Palestinian Authority libel

Deconstructing intelligence as a requirement for membership in the Palestinian Authority. Via PMW: Israel’s supernatural rats chase away Jerusalem’s Arabs. The Palestinian Authority has come up with yet another wild … Read More

Anti-Israeli Agenda Borders on Sacrilege

From Anti-Israeli Agenda Borders on Sacrilege: Last weekend, Old South Church hosted a conference sponsored by North American Friends of Sabeel entitled “The Apartheid Paradigm in Palestine-Israel” and headlined by … Read More

Adalah, ICAHD, and Other Political NGOs Promoted in University of Denver GSIS / Hebrew University “Human Rights” Program

Via NGO Monitor: The Minerva Center for Human Rights, a program based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is arranging a number of summer courses for advanced students at the … Read More

The enemy within: Balad MK to speak at Israel Apartheid Week in Canada

Propaganda posing as scholarship. From Ha’aretz: MK Jamal Zakhalka (Balad) intends to participate in aninternational conference in Montreal entitled IsraeliApartheid Week, Army Radio reported on Tuesday. The Israeli Arab parliamentarian … Read More